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2008 Event is HERE!


Announcement Here

Director of 2008 Event:

Accountant / Treasury / Marketing / Catering/ /Cookie Pusher/ Where the Buck Stops and begs for mercy.

Allie has been a vital kink community member and financial advisor for a decade, privately taking care of balaning books and legal requirements for several organizations and individuals through her kink friendly tax business. She knows non-profit law inside and out, understands marketing and sales, loves us all and can make a batch of cookies in 10 min. flat.

This year, she has offered to direct the Valley Fundraiser and use her considerable talents to help us raise funds to support our beloved EDGES, the NCSF, and the SX working fund. Working to bring in great talent, helping everyone feel independent and empowered, and keeping an eye on our tendencies for (as Treasure would say) 'BIGGER AND BETTER', we appreciate her thousands of volunteer hours.

Allikity is one of the Sr. Staff of Southern Cross.

Miss Courtney

FemDomme/ Princess of Flogging / Torture for Fun / Assistant Manager of 08 Event/ SX Sr. Staff/Woman of Mystery.

Creator of Femdomme events, Photobation Goddess,new Auntie to the most beautiful niece ever to arrive on the planet, Full time student working on her B.A., world traveller, ex Pro-Domme, and make-up goddess, Officially known as " Pink Princess Fluffy Giggle Service Top", Miss Courtney is one of the Southern Cross Sr. Staff that direct the FUN group. She has led munches, Field Trips, teaches classes (Welcome to the Dungeon, Flogging, Topping for Pro's), and, in her own words, has some interesting hobbies- " I love traveling, friends, movies, shopping, Disney...yes, you read that right. I have a huge Disney obsession, and visit a Disney park at least once a year.

I am very active in the South Bay kink community, and travel to San Francisco a few times a month. What does "active" mean? Good question. Most of it is socializing with like-minded people (read: kinky), and playing in a public (but confidential) dungeon or private party. I attend classes locally, and a few weekend-long BDSM conferences a year."

Miss Courtney is the Director of the May 29th "Anniversary At Edges" event for 2008 and one of the Sr. Staff of Southern Cross.


Viper Leatherworks / Structural Support / Muscle

Viper, A.K.A. Roy, understands leather and takes a pride in his handcrafted products that matches the finest artisans around the world. His love of whips flows off his skin and watching him throw a single tail is poetry in motion. A strong respected Master in the M/s community, he makes magic when he and his slave play in public. Past Guest Beater, He continues to support and care about His leather family here in the Bay Area and has donated one of His floggers this year to further the cause.

Tip Hat Shows

Ball and Club Juggling, Fire Eating, Cyclist, Knife Juggling, Rennaisance Smart Aleck

Thou shall be privileged to see thrills of untold bravery and courage. Flames shall be extinguished in the gullet only to re-emerge in a flaming burst. Naught but excitement shall be found during the show; with the juggling of clubs, blades, and flame.

Steve V

Production Co-Ordinator/ Builder/ Planner/ Maintenence / Poolboy/ Sadist : Speciality Power tools and torture

Got Help? This is the guy-- Da Man. The big Kaunha. Bondage bastard. RailRoad Tycoon. 50's grandma (you had to be there). Tool man. If he ever leaves, we are doomed. Plus , he's very very funny.

Miss Vicki
Dragon/ Tormentor/ Pony/ Sadist/ Bondage Enthusiast/ Impact Play

Miss Vicki runs the longest running munches in the world, having started from the original Burgermunch in Palo Alto. She loves bondage and cages, pain and torment, and keeps everyone around her nervous (most dragons probably do, but she's the only one we know intimately).

Miss Vicki is one of the Sr. Staff of Southern Cross

"The Party like it's 1499 Wandering Minstrel Players"

Gathered together from the worlds most elite jails, mental institutions, ghetto landfills, and leprosy colonies, the Minstrel Players have put in no effort at all to work up a period correct musical extravaganza playing intermittently throughout the event for your pleasure (such as it might be).
We suggest you buy lots more mead before paying close attention. It will be for sale by the glass. Big ones.


This year's auctioneer is an all around wonderful fellow and local colorful player. Founder of smOdyssey and creator of the SJ munch and Folsom Fringe, he has graciously volunteered to auction off the goodies this year. Flogging is his calling and first love, but running events and having fun is in his blood. The terminal phrase "bigger and better" was first used for ill with him. Only Lucy looking at Ethel and saying "I have an idea" stirs more terror.

John Barlow

Balloon creations/ sculptures/ GLITTER TATTOOS/ general merriment

John is a long time wonderful presence in the scene, a genial fellow with a heart like all outdoors- and a glitter designed one for your chest! Come on over and get anhked!


Purveyors of fine leather toys, S/M products

Happy Tails began when we combined our talents to create quality toys for our own use. We brought skills from the construction industry, aerospace technology, and down-home country ranch skills, among other things. We are a committed couple living in the rural mountains, the quiet side of wine country, in northern California.

Uncle Abdul

Electrical Play / General Discomfort / Emotional Torture

Uncle Abdul is the nom de plum of a California man who is a practicing professional electrical engineer (with a B.S.E.E. and a P.E. license) with more than 30 years of experience in the field. He has a practical working knowledge in the areas of electrical safety. This includes work done during his career in hospital and animal laboratory electrical safety projects.

Also Unc' has been a respected member of the San Francisco Bay Area BDSM community since 1980. During this time he has lectured on electrical play and other BDSM and sexually related topics to many BDSM and professional groups in the US, Canada, and Russia.

In 1998 Unc's book, JUICE Electricity for Pleasure and Pain, first appeared. It has been widely acclaimed throughout the world as the best book written on the description and the safety issues in E-Stim and E-Play. Unc' also has written articles and has been interviewed for different publications on these subjects. He is also a member of several Electrosex mailing lists, and has provided consultation for others on various E-Play/Stim toys and devices.

In his personal play, Unc' identifies as a bi-, 'Techno-Sadist.' Electricity is but one of the many play methodologies Unc' likes to employ. He prides himself on being able to successfully play a wide variety of scenes-from light to heavy, or as Unc' sometimes says, "...from peacock feathers to pimp sticks (with sparks thrown in of course)."


Ryan and Grace own a wonderful company creating beautiful bath products, candles, and sensuous additions to your life.

Not only are they vendors with us, but Ryan is also part of our Wandering Minstrel musicians group.
Find out more about them at:


Artist/ munch mistress/ editor/ secretary/ shopper/ Mistress of Pervertables

Msbehavoyer loves to watch- and play! A lovely smile and a warm heart brought our resident artist into our midst. Hostessing the munches regularly, keeping us all sane when we get overbooked, and taking care of others are her hallmarks. An accomplished electrician, decorator, and creative soul, she makes rooms come alive and adds that perfect touch to any theme.



Ali runs the place, makes the decisions, plans the parties, pays the bills, and loves us very much. And when we are bad she spanks us. Edges too femdomme/femsub/femwonder, she is capable of running a scene, a munch, a formal dinner, or a pool table. She is also easy to get along with, funny, and smart. We like that in women. Little girls too.


Caterer / massage therapist/Guru/ Evil Tinkerbell

From the first time he brought a truffle into a dungeon, this spiritual cook with a heart of gold was a beloved member of the community. A strong supporter of SX, he has worked constantly to bring joy and healing to those around him. His talents often go unseen, but his impact is important to us all and his constant volunteerisim often makes the difference between a poor event and a great one.

Leather Masters

Tony and Dave have supported, donated to, and suffered for all of us kinky folks for years- they are the best people we know. This year they once again have donated new leather goodies for us to auction off. Visit them in San Jose at 969 Park Avenue T-Sat- discounts for Edges members. Tell them SX sent you.


Local husband and wife creating hand made exotic wood play toys including cock rings, prostate massagers, and a variety of very sexy toys. This lovely couple in one of our donors and supporters and we appreciate their participation in helping us raise funds this year.

Madame Butterfly

Our rope specialist is this years lead rigger for the centerpiece of the fair, a public crucifiction complete with flailing pertinents and fruit for throwing!
She comes to us with years of rope work and a desire to create a great public display.

"I have been spinning, dyeing and knitting my own yarn for well over 10 years. Then I suddenly discovered Japanese Rope Bondage and realized I could combine two of my favorite activities into one! One of the secrets of rope bondage is *always* having enough rope. You don’t want to run out at a crucial moment. I generally carry around at least 10 or more. When I realized the similarities between rope and the yarns I have been making for years it was quite an epiphany. I can make all the rope I could ever possibly need!"


Paddles / Rattan Canes/ Attitude

Teacher, Design builder, music, decorating support, Flea Market Guru, Bambi stalker, ordinance expert, family man, Master of his soul. So what else could you expect from a man with a heart of gold (and other bits) and a streak of sadisim? Come on down and find out.


Food Wench/ Temptress/ Seamstress/Artisan/ Catalyst for Giggles/ Flesh Owner/ Major Support

Tina (and her wonderful partner in crime Brian) arrived one day as a gift from above and brought us hours of merryment with her first baked penis. Body painting, hauling, costumes, desserts, and a host of other wonders soon followed. There appears to be no end to either her talent, nor her generosity to everyone around her. She is also a total femdomme who rules the roost when she so chooses.


meat / bitch / Duchess / assistant Director / webgal/ catering wizard/ BDSM Den Mother/ Auntie shadow/ The Devil's cigarette girl.

A well trained slave, shadow has been in the public scene 10+ years, starting early as a stunt butt /demogirl with presenters from across America. A professional writer in both worlds, she is involved with newbies groups, as well as working on kink histories and outreach, charity events, and supporting *EDGES*, the local dungeon and all the BDSM scene enterprises. She worked 2.5 years part time at Leather Masters, a job that gave her the chance to meet most of the alternative community of the Santa Clara Valley and become an expert on kinky toys and how to use them.

She identifies as property- specifically meat- and is the pet and Owned by Steppin2, finally living the fairy tale ending as promised in childhood. With her past Owner Strong Eagle, she founded " Southern Cross" BDSM group in 2004, along with the Married/Poly discussion list, and, in 2007, the Santa Clara County MAsT chapter that she currently directs with long time National Scene teacher Uncle Abdul.
In 2005 she founded"Subspace" discussion group, and turned over the directorship in 2008 to Heather (mama) and her leather brother 'Trollup'. She leads kinky field trips, and with Beauty teaches
female fisting classes aside from her other class lists.

She is the year round charity drive co-ordinator for the San Jose Women's shelter, and Producer of the Southern Cross annual benefit gala. A DMA grad, founding member of BDSMfornewbies, Firewoman, Transportation Director for a national convention, and caterer of kink events (and events for kinky people) she also, runs the BDSM kinky party version of a floating crap game. She has been featured with Sensuous Sadie, Domsview E-Zine, and A True Rose publications, to name a few. She has written more than 40 essays on slavery and kink and is currently working her journal "The Broken World Diaries" into book format as "The Slave Diaries".

She holds lots of frivolous titles on discussion lists and cherishes the friendships she has made over the years amidst all the laughter. She is a fear player within the M/s world she lives in, believes in Beast and beastmeat, and thinks that any scene that ends with the room cringing in fear is a good one.

Her home site is *here*.

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